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Upgrading poor sound systems and old AV technology are our specialty. Not all sound systems are created equal, and the latest technology includes speakers that deliver exceptionally powerful and clear sound.

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Attention churches:  We help you improve the quality of your worship services to attract a greater congregation.

Your message is important for your audience to hear.

We are focused on making sure that message is communicated. From basic sound systems to P.A. systems for thousands of attendees, you can always rely on Gelnett and Associates for first-class equipment. What sets us apart is our expertise and our skilled team members who make sure the congregation can hear your message clearly.

Planning Your Next AV Project

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Even with the best equipment, your sound will not deliver the quality your audience expects without the right acoustics within your room. Acoustic treatment of your room will help you get the most out of your system by managing reverb, reflections and echo within the room. We can help you achieve the sound quality which your performances deserve.

Video: We see you.

Poor lighting and outdated video systems are one of our favorite problems to solve. We are pleased to offer you a quote for repairs, upgrades with old gear, new video system, installation and support.

More than just a way to share presentations and enchant your audience, video has become part of people’s daily lives and brings unlimited potential to meetings and events. We are your qualified, experienced AV partner to navigate and execute all of the possibilities video can provide. Ask us about LED video displays as a great alternative to video projection.

Video projectors and well-designed lighting systems will increase the power of your message and blend into your décor. They are more user-friendly than ever, and control is never more than a tablet away.


Lighting: Let there be light.

Basic event and stage lighting frequently means “to illuminate a stage or individual.” Gelnett and Associates’ expertise in lighting goes beyond the basics. We understand the difference between lighting for the human eye vs. lighting for cameras. We also know how additional lighting affects your event’s electrical needs. We understand the nuances of how lighting can draw attention, create tone, or support a theme. From basic to highly produced, we have your lighting covered.

New construction.

We can consult with you early in the design phase of your new facility to create a system that meets your needs and budget. We will provide custom solutions to improve your communication with your audience, improving efficiency and quality of your audio visual needs.


Attention churches

We help you improve the quality of your worship services to attract a greater congregation.