Stories of Sound Installation and the Results

If it is a P.A System, University Install, or a Stadium Sound System, we have stories that show how real problems were solved.

Catawissa Avenue United Methodist Testimonial

Wesley United Methodist, Selinsgrove PA

Calvary Baptist Church

The Calvary Baptist Church has been working with Gelnett & Associates since 1985. Not only have they made good recommendations concerning the proper equipment that we needed, but they also designed and had built a place to set it up in our auditorium.

They have been present to teach our sound crew the new equipment and have been very prompt with service calls and answering any questions that we have had.

We have maintained this long relationship with them because we have appreciated their integrity and expertise in this area.

Gregory Wahlberg, Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church

York, PA

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Grove Presbyterian Church, Danville PA

Thank you again for the new installation at Grove. The feedback from the congregation is overwhelming. Several people have stopped me and said how well they can hear the service. The new hand held microphones used for announcements and the hearing assistance system has gotten many favorable comments, and we can now hear the pastor for the children's message! It is so rewarding to know that our investment in a new sound system, especially in these difficult economic times, is making such a positive impact on the ministry of Grove.

Scott Lawvere, Sound Technician and Elder
Grove Presbyterian Church
Danville, PA

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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Carlisle PA

The pastors, officers, and members of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church would like to thank you for the installation of our new sound system. All noticed the professionalism and courtesy that Gelnett & Associates showed and we are indebted to your company. God has surely blessed your company and employees and we know rhat great things will be happening!


Reverend Delores E. Jones, Pastor

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

Carlisle PA



Immaculate Conception BVM, York PA

They set up the portable Bose system in our church and the response at all the Sunday masses was thunderous applause. One man said "Father, this is the first time I've heard Mass in 30 years." The technology is amazing. Our system produces a very clear sound that reaches to all parts of our extremely resonant church. Those in the back hear at the same volume as those in the front. I would encourage any Pastor to consider this system if he and his parishioners are not satisfied with their current system. The nice thing about this system is you can hear it in action in your church before you buy it. I no longer dread fighting with the acoustics of our church as I prepare for mass. Our parishioners are much happier too!

Father Robert Gillelan, Pastor
Immaculate Conception BVM Church
York, PA

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Holy Rosary Parish, Hazleton PA

I just wanted to let you know how happy we now are with the sound system. I continually get compliments on how great the sound is. I am so appreciative of all the time and effort that the employees of Gelnett & Assoc. gave to us. Everyone has gone above and beyond. The service you provide is outstanding!


Fr. Brian Clarke, Pastor.

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Our Lady of Lourdes, New Holland PA

You must know how pleased we are with the sound system you installed. It is superior in every way. No matter where you would stand in the Parish Center, every word is audible. I am most grateful for your outstanding work and exceptional service.

Rev. John Schmalhofer, Pastor
Our Lady of Lourdes
New Holland, PA

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Community Christian Fellowship, Carlisle PA

The quality of the new sound system and speakers is so evident! The quality was very noticeable in yesterday's service. I can go any place in the auditorium and hear the same volume level and quality. This system was exactly what we needed! Thank you for taking the time to help us understand our needs and what would work for us. Also, thank you for respecting the budget we were working with. Thank you for listening and hearing what we had to say. In addition, the two gentlemen who installed the system were a pleasure to be around and I appreciate their good work. Thank you for training our sound team. They are much more confident.

Sandy Adams Jr., Lead Pastor
Community Christian Fellowship
Carlisle, PA

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Wesley United Methodist, Selinsgrove PA

Recently it was determined that our church was in need of a new sound system, so the search began to find a good system at a reasonable price. We wanted a system that was going to last, have good quality sound, and a provider that would have great service. We found that with Gelnett and Associates. Gelnett and Associates had a great portfolio and great letters of recommendations from area churches. Scott came to train our sound techs on a Saturday morning during our Christmas cantata dress rehearsal and was there Sunday morning to run the sound. The sound quality is phenomenal and we are very happy with our new system!

Wesley United Methodist Church
Selinsgrove, PA

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Sisters of Saint Cyril and Methodius, Danville PA

Sincere thanks for your caring response to our Summer Festival. The outdoor sound system that you provided added significantly to the overall success of this annual event. Your interest in, and continued support of our congregation are greatly appreciated. At this time, I continue to express our appreciation for having your company care for our other sound equipment needs which we are happy to demonstrate for other interested parties. Our worship has so greatly improved and flourished with the service support you render in addition to the installation.

Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius
Danville, PA

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St. Pius X Church, Selinsgrove PA

When we set out to build the new church, we knew that no matter how beautiful it would be, if the sound wasn't right, we would have problems. With that in mind, we sought references from a number of companies. Members of our Building Committee called every contact we were given. It was clear that Gelnett and Associates had an impressive list of very satisfied church clients.

When we agreed to the system you proposed we were confident that, given your past history, we would get an outstanding system and we did. Your attention to detail during the installation process was outstanding. We also appreciated you and your staff being on hand during our first weekend services to make certain that everything went well. Even more impressive, you were on time and within our budget and, as I said, the system is excellent.

We would have absolutely no hesitancy in highly recommending you to anyone in need of truly professional audio equipment, design, installation, and service. Our sincere thanks for a job exceptionally well done.

Father Ted Keating, Pastor
St. Pius X Church
Selinsgrove, PA

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St. Matthew's Lutheran, Bloomsburg PA

The commitments to quality and customer satisfaction are two of the qualities that Gelnett & Associates displayed from our first meeting to the final sound check. Scott Gelnett graciously offered to assist in checking and adjusting the sound during the Jubilate Choir's final dress rehearsal. His professionalism and passion for music was truly evident in doing this. As a result, I was able to focus on choir and orchestra while he adjusted the position and settings of each microphone. Scott also attended the worship services following the installation.

The new sound system has greatly enhanced our worship services. Those in our congregation who previously had trouble hearing the pastor, lectors, and prayer leaders no longer have that issue. The sound is crisp, clear, and amplified to the level at which all in the congregation can easily hear.

On behalf of St. Matthew Lutheran Church, we are very thankful for the work and service provided by Gelnett & Associates and would highly recommend them to any church, organization, or institution.

Alan Hack, Dir of Music
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
Bloomsburg, PA

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Alparon Park and the Troy Fair



August 19th, 2014
Alparon Park and the Troy Fair boards

From the Alparon Park and the Troy Fair boards I would say that we were very happy with Scott Gelnett and his employees. They were very professional in their presentation of the sound systems that we were interested in.

We asked for a proposal on 3 different systems and they came back with a proposal which was delivered personally and professional to our committee along with a little education on why the other systems had not worked!

Scott brought out the equipment for the grandstand sound system and hooked it up so that we can ould hear the quality that we would be getting with their sound system.
Once our committee heard that quality they were sold on the grandstand system right away.

All 3 systems were installed prior to our Troy Fair which was not allowing Gelnett and Associates much time to do so, we were really pleased with the sound that we had for this event.
I would recommend their equipment and service to any company that is looking for a top quality sound system.

If you need anything else please let me know.
Cathy Jenkins
Alparon park Administrator

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