New 600 MHz Band FCC Regulations

Are you compliant with the new 2017 FCC Wireless Mic Regulations?

New FCC regulations will make use of some wireless microphones illegal.
This includes wireless microphones that operate in the 600 – 800 MHz service band.

The FCC has been granted the ability to assess a fine per wireless mic found to be in violation. This means that if you have three mics, you would pay the fine three times. Please don’t take that risk.

Protect Yourself Against Fines For Illegal Wireless Mics

Gelnett & Associates will evaluate your wireless system – at no cost. We offer a free evaluation to help protect you from incurring FCC fines.

Next Steps

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    Your Wireless Mics Could Experience Interference, Shortly

    As wireless carriers activate their systems, many facilities and churches have noticed interference with wireless mics. Act today!