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Scott Gelnett - Owner / Chief Engineer
Scott Gelnett
President / Chief Engineer

A graduate of Lycoming College with a music degree, the founder of Gelnett and Associates has completed sound engineering courses with Bose, Electro-Voice and Altec Lansing Corp. With 37 years’ experience in university performing art centers and churches, Scott is frequently asked to consult for architects to design multi-purpose rooms and auditorium sound systems.

Keith Hummel

26 years experience as installation foreman for audio systems; 30 plus years experience in installing high-quality sound systems. Has been an outstanding installer with Gelnett & Associates since 1988.

Tom Troutman

A graduate of Penn State University. Has completed training courses from SYN-AUD-COM, JBL Audio/Harman training, BSS audio DSP training, Biamp DSP training. He has 20 years of experience in sound system installation and service. He has been with Gelnett & Associates since 2000.

People Foundry

  • “No matter where you stand, every word is audible!”

    Rev. John Schmalhofer
  • “A proposal that was delivered personally and professionally!”

    Cathy Jenkins
    Troy Fair President
  • “The sound is crisp, clear, and amplified”

    Allen Hack
    Director of Music