Calvary Baptist Church

Audio, Video and Streaming Customer for 34 Years


Calvary Baptist Church

Gelnett & Associates has worked with Calvary Baptist since 1985. From installing a system for a 350 member congregation to installing a sound system for a congregation of 750 members, we have maintained a long, excellent relationship together.

  • Client Calvary Baptist Church
  • Role Designer, Engineer, Installer
  • Gelnett & Associates
  • Date 1985 – Present Time

Gelnett & Associates not only made good recommendations concerning the proper equipment that we needed, but they also designed and built a place to set  up the new equipment in our new auditorium that fits in very nicely with the rest of the furniture. They have been present to teach our sound crew how to use the new equipment that they installed, and they have been very prompt with service calls or with answering any questions that we have had.

We have maintained a relationship with this company because we have appreciated their integrity and expertise in this area. They worked very well with our general contract also, and I am sure they would do a fine job for you.

We have recommended Gelnett and Associates to churches that are looking for some help with their sound and video systems, and we will continue to recommend them to those in need of sound and video systems.

Pastor Greg Wahlberg


By installing a sound and video system that everyone is able to see and hear clearly has provided this church with the tools it needs to continuously grow and reach out to new members.

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