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Catawissa Avenue United Methodist Testimonial

The congregation continuously said, “wow, pastor, I can now hear your message!”

Client Catawissa Avenue United Methodist

  • Role Designer, Engineer, Installer
  • Gelnett & Associates

We were impressed really at all phases with Gelnett and Associates. Especially with scheduling, communication, actual work accomplished in a short amount of time.

As well as follow-up on a few wrinkles that were solved so quickly in a timely fashion. We were really pleased with every aspect.

We have loved this sound system. Obviously, it had cost some money and we needed to raise some funds to invest in this system. At the time, there were some that sorta were on the fence about the system. But once we had the system, I’ll tell ya, that it was unanimous and everyone was glad that we invested into this church sound system.

Pastor at Catawissa Avenue United Methodist


By directing the sound into the seating area and limited reach to the seating area the intelligibility and clarity have been dramatically increased. St. Vincent is a historically significant building, so a lot of care had to be taken in installing a sound system and matching it to the decor so the sound system became practically invisible.

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