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Solving for Excessive Echo


St. Vincent’s: Church Sound Installation

In this case, St. Vincent’s Basilica had just recently installed a sound system several years ago; and, unfortunately, it never met their needs and/or expectations. The congregation had trouble understanding the spoken word due to the long reverb and echo in the Basilica Obviously, this presented a great challenge to overcome.

  • Client St. Vincents
  • Role Designer, Engineer, Installer
  • Gelnett & Associates
  • Date Early, 2017

When our representative at Gelnett and Associates got the call from the priest, we quickly met with members of the church, examined the sound system, and researched the acoustics of the Basilica. A demonstration solution was provided by Gelnett & Associates and Bose which allowed the church to hear the proposed new sound system as compared to the system they currently had. The church staff and priest attending this demonstration were very pleased with what they heard, and the direction was given to Gelnett & Associates to proceed with a final design.


“I am deeply grateful for your presence and attention to the challenges that the Basilica presents.”

Douglas - Archabbot


The system was installed with great attention to décor as well as to the beautiful aesthetics of the Basilica. Speakers were custom painted to match the marble columns, and all cables and cords were carefully hidden.  The Basilica has no full time sound engineer, so we built a system that automatically turns the mics on and off and adjusts levels for different voices. The long echo and reverb of the nave was minimized by providing sound to the sitting areas and by not allowing it to enter to the high ceilings and marble floors. We did supply a wireless iPad to allow for any special adjustments for specials masses when needed.

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