Catholic Church Sound System Installation

Finally able to hear in every seat


Church of the Immaculate Conception

“About 10 years ago, we installed a new sound system in the church. It never lived up to the church’s expectations or the promises made by the installers. The church heard about the Bose system and invited Gelnett & Associates to give us a demonstration. Gelnett & Associates setup a portable Bose system in our church, and the response at all Sunday masses was thunderous applause.  “Father, this is the first time I’ve heard the entire mass in 30 years!” was one man’s response upon hearing this new system.”

  • Client Church of the Immaculate Conception, York PA
  • Role Designer, Engineer, Installer
  • Gelnett & Associates
  • Date Mid, 2009

“Our new Bose system actually cost us less than the system we installed ten years ago.”

“The technology is amazing. Our system produces a very clear sound that reaches to all parts of our extremely resonant church. Those in the back hear at the same volume as those in the front.”

“The echo produced by other sound systems is virtually nonexistent with the Bose system.”

“I no longer dread fighting with the acoustics of our church as I prepare for mass. Our parishioners are much happier, too!”

Father Robert Gillian


The Bose speaker system directs the sound into the seating area and does not allow sound to bounce off ceilings and floors. The result was an increase in the intelligibility and clarity of the spoken word.

St. Mary’s is a historically significant building, so much care was taken to install a sound system that matched its decor and at the same time became practically invisible. No one, upon walking into the church, has been able to spot the speakers.

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