Gymnasium and Basketball Sound System

Heard Once Again


Bucknell University

Bucknell University contacted Gelnett and Associates after a long-lasting relationship with other successful installations on its campus. Providing sound to a large gymnasium has to be right for spectators, alumni and visiting teams. Gelnett’s team installed, tested, and trained the university personnel on the proper use of the system.

  • Client Bucknell University
  • Role Installer
  • Gelnett & Associates
  • Date Mid 2012

A feature of this system allows the athletic director to use a wireless iPad for adjusting the sound. This can be especially important with new announcers being introduced with each event.

Gelnett and Associates work around the dense construction schedule with building the speaker cabinets, and wire runs. The system includes speakers for private booths, hallways, a large swimming pool.



Announcements and music for warm-ups are heard clearly in all seats resulting in added excitement to all sporting events.

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