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Small Congregation Upgrade Sound and Video


Gelnett & Associates was selected by calling another church in the area and getting a good recommendation for Gelnett & Associates from that church. A survey was conducted to determinate the church’s needs. The results of that survey were presented to the church board in person by a representative from Gelnett & Associates. The church board was impressed with the company’s knowledge of church systems, the company’s ability to listen to the church’s concerns, and the hundreds of satisfied church customers the company had provided with sound and/or video systems. The integrity and honesty of this company both played a major role in the board’s decision to go with Gelnett & Associates.

Client St. Luke’s UCC in Trappe, PA
Role Designer, Engineer, Installer
Gelnett & Associates
Date Early 2018


This church was a church which understood the benefits of sound, video, and streaming. They saw how a sound system could really help grow their church membership. Gelnett & Associates set this church up with hearing impaired units as well as with a system which allowed congregation members to be able to hear and experience worship and the spoken message to a level they previously thought to be impossible.

Pastor John Hogue


The system was installed in a timely fashion.  A representative from Gelnett & Associates attended the first Sunday service to make any final adjustments.  In addition, they trained some volunteers by showing them how to operate the system. The positive comments from the congregation on the first Sunday were overwhelming; and to quote the pastor, “The church was ecstatic with the new system.”  An 80 year old gentleman who used the hearing impaired units was swaying to the music and said, “This is the first time that I could hear in years!” In a short time the Pastor has seen an increase in attendance and has noticed an excitement within the congregation who can now finally hear his message.

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