Stadium and Football Game Sound: Crystal Clear Sound


Troy Fairgrounds

The Stadium, which hosts several events from football games to tractor pulls, was struggling because the announcers could not be heard over the crowd noise and over the roar of the monster tractors. Gelnett & Associates was contacted to provide a solution that would meet these needs.

  • Client Troy Fairgrounds
  • Role Designer, Engineer, Installer
  • Gelnett & Associates
  • Date Spring of 2018

Gelnett & Associates visited the Stadium and provided a demonstration speaker system to the members of the board to allow them to hear the difference between the old system and the proposed new system. Once they heard the new system, the board was immediately convinced that we knew how to solve their problems. The system was installed in time for the opening of the first evening of the fair.  A representative from Gelnett & Associates was there to supply any support or to answer any questions. Shortly after the sound system was installed for the stadium and the exhibit hall areas. Gelnett and Associates designed and installed a paging system for the entire fairgrounds area.



Gelnett & Associates provided this customer with clear sound and with sufficient volume for large tractor pulls and for football games.  We also gave them the ability to page vendors and attendees of the fair with ease of operation.

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